Association Nosy Maitso

The Association Nosy Maitso was created on June 13, 2013 in Antananarivo, and governed by the order n° 60-133 of 3rd October 1960. It seeks to bring together citizens with conviction about the environmental cause to join hands to overcome the environmental problems in Madagascar.

Rita Ratsisetraina is the Founder and President of the Association Nosy Maitso. Nature lover, she focused her studies and careers on the conservation and protection of the environment. Aware of the degradation of the current environment, she founded the association to contribute to the improvement of the environment quality in Madagascar.

Our Vision

We imagine Madagascar green with its healthy environment in which the Malagasy people thrive and live comfortably and in harmony with nature.

Our Mission

Since the environment is everyone’s concern, we raise citizens’ consciousness to change their behavior to the benefit of the environment so that they can take part in the preservation and improvement of the quality of the environment in Madagascar.