To achieve its goal and accomplish its mission, the activities of the Association Nosy Maitso focus on five key objectives:

  1. Inform, Educate and Communicate the public in order to change the behavior and to adopt an environmental reflex among citizens:
    • Environmental information collection.
    • Sharing and dissemination of information regarding the environment and make them available and accessible to the public.
    • Raising public’s consciousness to encourage him to participate in the preservation and respect for the environment.
    • Civics linked to respect for the environment.
    • Environmental education and communication for all.
  2. Strengthen scientific research:
    • Promote research in ecology and biology to enrich the information to be disseminated and to complement the scientific knowledge of Malagasy biodiversity.
    • Promote scientific research on the impacts of environmental degradation (water, air, soil pollution …) on social (human and public health) and economic issues (development).
    • Promote technical research in order to find solutions that can reduce pollutions and environmental degradation.
  3. Preserve biodiversity and natural landscape:
    • Restoration of natural landscapes
    • Support the development of local populations: Identification of income generating activities to reduce dependence on natural resources.
  4. Promote the use of eco-friendly materials and products (recycled and recyclable materials)
    • Nowadays, the danger caused by particles from plastics (bags, bottles and other products) are imminent. Faced with this situation, we focus our actions on the reduction of pollution caused by these substances in nature.
  5. Community Development
    • Job creation and income generating activities: encourage small national artisans to design and develop eco-friendly products.